The Farmette

Signed in as:

Pasture raised. Rotationally grazed.

The Pigs


We raise Duroc, Hampshire, and Yorkshire Cross pigs. Each breed brings something different to the table. Seasonally rotated from May to November, our pigs are supplemented with locally sourced, freshly ground unmedicated feed. 

Our pork is processed by Shrader’s Farms Meat Market in Romulus, NY. They are a USDA inspected and Animal Welfare Approved facility.

The Chickens


Moved daily in portable enclosures we call chicken tractors, the chickens enjoy fresh air, sunshine, freshly ground unmedicated feed, insects and forage. Being raised on pasture ensures quality flavor and nutrient dense meat. 

The Sheep


We offer 100% grass fed lamb. Our sheep never receive any unnecessary antibiotics, medications or grain. They receive a mineral supplement to compensate for minerals we lack in the soil here in the Northeast as well as fresh forgage. We chose the White Dorper when searching for a breed that would be hardy and would thrive on pasture. White Dorpers are a breed of hair sheep who shed instead of requiring shearing. They lamb easily, are good mothers and have a calm disposition. They fit in perfectly here at the farm. 

Our lamb, like our pork, is processed by Shrader’s Farms Meat Market in Romulus, NY. They are a USDA inspected and Animal Welfare Approved facility. 

Golden Yolks from Local Folks: Our Free Range Eggs


Our flock of laying hens are pastured from April through October, sharing pasture with Acomb Acres’ cattle. During winter months we move their mobile coop to the home farm and allow them to free range there. 

We raise several breeds who produce vibrant brown, white, blue, green and even pink eggs! Breeds include Rhode Island Red, Brown Leghorn, White Leghorn, Golden Comet, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Saphire Gem, and Easter Egger. 

They enjoy a variety of fresh forage and insects and are supplemented with locally ground, fresh, unmedicated feed. 

By free ranging the chickens on pasture in mobile chicken coops, our chickens enjoy sunshine and a rich diet which results in eggs that are high in nutrients and vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, B12, omega 3s, CLA, and more. You can see and taste the difference in their rich and plump golden yolks.