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My Story


My love for animals and desire to farm began when I was very young. I spent hours in our 200 year old barn, admiring the hand hewn beams and beautiful craftsmanship. I spent a great deal of time dreaming of what animals I wanted to raise in that barn. 

Growing up we had the unique experience of raising many pets, including a pet Holstein heifer named Betty, orphaned raccoons, a goat named Bambi and even gray and red squirrels. My parents also raised a few hogs and we had chickens and ducks too. 

I worked with horses from the time I was 13 till I was 30. I also worked many seasons at my cousins’ Christmas tree farm; planting, trimming and then selling them during Christmas season. It was all hard work and I loved every minute of it. 

My full time job for the past ten years or so had been as a veterinary assistant, and in 2015 I decided to have a go at farming. 

I had a laying flock of about 50 chickens, three Giant Chinchilla rabbits, a few sheep, and I wanted to raise pigs as well. 

I searched for feeder piglets for sale, and found some listed on Craigslist; 8 weeks old. $50 each, located in Dansville. 

I replied to the ad and on a warm January Sunday I drove my little Pontiac vibe to a farm in Dansville to pick them up. 

That was the day I met Bryan. Who knew pigs and Craigslist would lead to love? 

We loaded the piglets into the back of my car, packed like sardines. They snuggled together and slept the whole way home. 

Not too much later I bought four more pigs from Bryan, and began buying my feed from him too. 

Three years later, we are now expecting the arrival of our second child any day, and our son Hotchner will be two in June. 

Like our family, our farm has been growing. Last season we raised several hundred Cornish Rock chickens, ducks, rabbits and several pigs. I also added sheep to our farm; White Dorpers. They are 100% grass fed and such a wonderful addition to our farm.

We also began a new laying flock with several different breeds. They free range and share pasture with Bryan’s family farm’s herd of cattle. 

Bryan also grows crops of sweet corn and potatoes which he sells right from the farm. 

We are excited for the coming season and we absolutely love being able to do what we do. 

We thank you for your support and for following our story, and hope that we are able to give you a closer connection to where your food comes from. 

We strive to build lasting relationships with our customers and our community through transparency. We share much of our daily life here on the farm and we hope you enjoy our stories!

My Story